Livingston Chinese Association 

Livingston Chinese Association is a registered community organization of Chinese residents in Livingston and surrounding areas. The purposes of the association are for members to communicate, share information, participate community activities,  introduce and inherit Chinese culture and tradition. It is a diversified organization with members originally from various Chinese regions with different backgrounds, political and religious views. Since its creation in 1970s, the membership has been growing with the Chinese population in this area. Now there are near two hundred member families.

The Chinese Association's annual activities include donation of Chinese books to Livingston library, participation in Livingston township's Memorial Day parade, summer BBQ party, and Chinese New Year celebration etc.  Association establishes subgroups to serve specific needs of Chinese community: Seniors activity, Kids, and Carpool clubs.

Association uses e-mail ( , library bulletin, local Chinese and English newspapers to communicate with members. To join Livingston Chinese Association, contact with one of councils or Download Membership Form (PDF format).