It is my great honor to be standing here on behalf of the Livingston Chinese Association. Although my daughters were brought up in this environment and celebrate Thanksgiving each year, it was not a custom I grew up with in China. So I have been thinking: what am I thankful for?

I am thankful for the education system and an open society that made us part of the American culture. 


My family moved to Livingston in 2005, enticed by its prestigious schools. In the past eight years, I discovered that not only kids, but also adults in the Chinese community have benefited from such a continuing "education system." We learned to serve as volunteers, participate in community events, and be engaged in steering committees. Hand in hand, we paraded with pride, enjoyed summer nights at the Oval, performed during multi-cultural events, you name it. With  group strength of the community, we overcome differences in skin color and accents. In my opinion, Livingston is a community where ethnic groups are united, volunteers are recognized and civility is promoted.

With that, we and our children are thankful and proud of being “Made in Livingston”.