2012-02-15 Collins Multicultural Fair

Collins Multicultural Fair 2012 With the amazing fashion show, fantastic dances and martial arts demo, followed by creative workshops and fascinating display tables from 18 countries with delicious finger food, the Collins Elementary School annual multicultural fair was successfully held on Feb 15, 2012. More than 300 kids and parents from the Collins community experienced a great evening by joining this event.

As one of the main cultures, China took part in all those categories through the night. The dance to "The joyful Chinese New Year" performed by 5 lovely Chinese girls won a big applause. Martial Arts was the theme of this year's exhibition. Professional performers from Wushu-kungfu Fitness center were invited for a demo and they also provided a workshop for the kids. Students also enjoyed at the workshops of Chinese script writing, Chinese Knots and origami led by our Chinese moms. "Dumpling" as the most traditional Chinese food, was "cleaned up" quickly by visitors.

Thanks to the group of Chinese moms from Collins school who have donated a lot of their time to help make this night a success, they are Xia Li(LCA council memeber), Sunnie Siu, Joanne Zeng, Liyan Cao(LCA council memeber), Susan Ye, Ying Huang, Tracy Wang, Jianhong Xia, Ying Shan, Elizabeth Du, Sharon Zhang, Jennifer Rong, Qiuping Yang, Sherly Tien and more...

Some event pictures are shown below.

(By Sunnie Siu, LCA council memeber)