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2012-10-11: The first preparation meeting for 2012 LCCD(Livingston Chinese Culture Day) was held today at Living Stone Christian Church. LCA will chair the event for 2013.
2012--8-26: LCA members enjoyed camping/BBQ on Aug 25th along delaware gap and swimming, BBQ and hiking on 26th in Stokes park, NJ.
2012-08-18: LCA will co-host a pinic at Livingston Oval on August 18th, 2012, 11:30am-3:00pm. Please register HERE.
2012-08-07: LCA Chair Youjun Liu along with some other people from Livingston were invited this morning to have breakfast with Governor Christie at Drumthwacket - the Governor's official residence - at 354 Stockton Street in Princeton.
2012-06-17: LCA organized a fishing trip to Lake Hopatcong State Park on Sunday, June 17.
2012-06-02: Livingston Chinese organizations including LCA donated $6000 to Livingston high school(see newsletter for details).
2012-05-28: LCA will participate in Livingston 40th memorial Day parade(see newsletter for details).
2012-05-21: LCA will participate in Livingston Youth Appreciation Week(5/12-5/28) with several performances(see newsletter for details).
2012-05-18: More than 100 LCA members attended 新老华人协会主席交接dinner at Saku Wagne restrauant(Headline)
2012-05-12: Organized by Dana Dang, LCA collected more than $900 donations for American Cancer Society on 5/10 and 5/12.
5/6/2012 - 6/17/2012 (Sundays)  LCA Zumba Classes
李文斯顿华人协会舞会消息(LCA Dance Party Info)
2012-02-25 News: LCA Latern Festival Celebration at Livingston Activity Center -- By Ellen Xia
2012-02-15 LCA members in Livingston Collins Elementary School Multicultural Fair -- By Sunnie Siu

 2012-01-28 Livingston Chinese Culture Day(LCCD) is a success

LCCD on Jan 28, 2012 at LHS is a resounding success as the following article describes. The participation is great. Performance shows are great. Feedback is great. Just everything else is great.  Here, we would like to thank all the volunteers. The success owes to their tireless efforts. Also we want to thanks all sponsors for their supports.  We are also very glad that Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen, Mayor Stephen Santola and many other VIP guests could join us to celebrate Chinese New year.  Please find more details in the following Three articles:
    Chinese New Year Celebration a Resounding Success -- By Susan Ridley
    李文斯顿华人社区“中国文化日”圆满结束 -- By 刘友军 LCCD Chair
    2012 Livingston Chinese Culture Day -- By Ruiying Xia, Stuednt volunteer
Some event photos are shown below.  Cultural performance videos and more photos of the event can be found in the links below under "LCCD Photo and Video Links" section.

Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen(11th congressional district)(third from right), Livingston Mayor Stephen Santola( third from left) joined us to celebrate 2012 Chinese new year.

Left: student MCes hosting cultural shows in both Chinese and English.  Middle: Appreciation of Chinese Calligraphy.  Right: Chinese crafts

Left: chinese folk dance: Bamboo rustling.  Middle: Dancing Fans.  Right: Chinese Monkey King.

Left: Northeastern Duet(二人转).  Middle: Chinese Gong Fu. Right: Lion Dance.

Left: It is a year of Dragon.  Middle: Zheng(also called Gu zheng) solo.  Right: We Are Going Tibet

2012-1-16:  LCA Participates Martin Luther King Day Community Service
(Organized by Livingston
Committee For Diversity )

李文斯頓 Martin Luther King日社區服務活動

一 月十六日李文斯頓華人協會參加了本鎮一年一度的Martin Luther King日社區服務活動。活動從上午十點開始, 華人協會的任務是為Community Hunger Outreach Warehouse(CHOW)收集罐裝食物和乾糧, 為提高大家的興趣和為社區的小朋友服務, 今年華人協會還增加了手工摺紙項目。近十位LCA理事會成員前來支持, 有的帶來食物, 有的幫忙收集, 手工摺紙更受歡迎, 吸引了不少到場的大人和孩子, Sunnie Siu,李霞和蔡曉東教孩子們作大紅燈籠, 剪春字, 我們技術高超的小老師Sarah Wang, Daniel Zhu 和Jenny Zhu教孩子們作各種各樣的飛鳥, 盒子, 蝙蝠, 小船等。忙忙碌碌中二小時很快就結束了, 我們不僅收集到七大袋罐裝食物和乾糧,還將所有小朋友們手工製作的大紅燈籠,由孩子們寫上吉祥的話語,籤上自己的姓名,送到Livingston Ave 上的Inglemoor 老人院, 為老人們的生活帶去一點喜慶。

(夏慶華 供稿)

LCCD Photo and Video Links:

2012-1-28 Livingston Chinese Culture day(LCCD) event video (part 1) new!
2012-1-28 Livingston Chinese Culture day(LCCD) event video (part 2) new!
2012-1-28 Livingston Chinese Culture day(LCCD) event video (part 3) new!
2012-1-28 Livingston Chinese Culture day(LCCD) event video (part 4) new!
2012-1-28 Livingston Chinese Culture day(LCCD) event photos(by Haoran Zhu) new!
2012-1-28 Livingston Livingston Chinese Culture day(LCCD) Performance photos(by Haoran Zhu)new!
2011 Livingston Chinese Chlture Day Spectacular Performance video
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2010 Livingston Community Chinese New Year Celebration Performance video
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